The man behind the beard

My name’s Matthew Schneider, a designer from New York with a love for the whimsical. I always had a love for cartoons and animation, and at one point considered pursuing a profession in television or video games. Eventually though I found myself excelling more in the topic of creative copy writing and branding design. I like to bring a lot of the cartoony and whimsical design one would see on popular animated programming and applying it to adverts and applying it in a abstract and creative way.
Outside of my work I like to foster and hone my creativity, participating in recreational writing and art that often leads to projects of their own. I hope to bring a creative flair to all of my work, and turn even the mundane into something both visually appealing and functional. 


Get in touch

If you like what you see and want more, feel free to contact me via my email, facebook, or twitter!
Other acceptable forms of contact include but are not limited to phone, talking, bricks through the window, message tag, astral projection, carrier pigeon, and text. No fax though.